Wembley excitement for Crawley Town

At ivolve Care & Support, we believe in the power of "Strive"—our proactive approach to delivering active care and support.

Unlike traditional reactive methods, Strive is about planning ahead to create opportunities for an even more active and fulfilling life for the people we support. Our approach is dynamic and person-centred, ensuring that each person thrives through a mix of planned activities and everyday goals.

A Dynamic and Person-Centred Approach

By understanding every person we support, we can work together to tailor plans that cater to their unique needs and aspirations. This means going beyond the basics of care and actively seeking ways to enrich their lives with meaningful experiences.

Creating Memorable Experiences: Crawley Town at Wembley

A perfect example of our approach in action was when we recently supported a person, James, to attend a Crawley Town football match at Wembley Stadium. It wasn’t just any game—it was the playoffs for promotion to League 1. The excitement was palpable, the weather was beautiful, and the atmosphere was electric.

The day was filled with good food, great company, and the thrill of the game. The highlight, of course, was Crawley Town’s victory, securing their promotion. The joy and excitement of the day were best captured in James’s words, “It was a super game and very, very good that we (Crawley) won.”

Looking Ahead

The success of this outing has sparked a new passion for James. James is now eagerly looking forward to going along to more games at Crawley Town Football Club in the near future. This is about creating moments that inspire and enrich lives, encouraging people to look forward to new experiences and achievements.

At ivolve, we are committed to being proactive, not reactive. Through our Strive approach, we plan ahead to provide active care and support, ensuring that the people we support can live life to the fullest. Whether it’s cheering on their favourite football team or achieving everyday goals, we are here to make a positive impact every step of the way.

We’re the famous Crawley Town, and we won at Wembley!

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