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Mental Health Conditions

At ivolve, we pride ourselves on the care and specialist mental health treatment services that we offer for a range of complex mental health conditions.

We offer effective treatment programmes for complex mental health conditions to make sure the people we support are able to recover fully.

Our Care for Mental Health

Our mental health services focus on helping the people we support to maintain good mental health and to strengthen their independence. We empower people to take responsibility for their own recovery by working with them to identify their goals, ambitions and interests.

We look at each person’s situation and tailor the support we offer them. This helps us work together to maximise their potential.  There are lots of opportunities for the people we support to develop new skills. This includes access to local colleges, work placements, and support with the daily running of a home, including helping with skills such as shopping and budgeting.

Supporting Behaviours of Concern

There are lots of reasons that people exhibit behaviours of concern. This could be as a result of an accident, injury, health condition or disability. We work closely with each person to provide support around their individual needs. It’s our aim to help the people we support flourish in a place they call home.

We support people who often display behaviours thought to be too challenging or difficult for mainstream care facilities.

Our colleagues work closely with the individual, their families, loved ones and wider support teams to understand their behaviour. We tailor their care plan around their needs, goals and circumstances. We put plans in place to help reduce the number of challenging incidents and behaviour.

“Couldn’t ask for better care for my uncle. His care needs are complex at times but colleagues are always patient and kind in dealing with his sometimes-challenging behaviour”

Personality Disorders

We offer care for individuals with Personality Disorders. Our service combines our experience and expertise in managing challenging behaviour with intensive psychological care.

The people we support may have great emotional needs. As such, we train our colleagues to focus on their strengths and abilities. Our approach to engagement is meaningful and personalised. We offer a full and varied activity programme led by the interests, choices and needs of the people we support.

Commitment to Quality

We’re a regulated business but this is not what drives us. We set our own standards to deliver consistent and reliable quality.

We take great pride in being recognised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for our standards of care and support.

For Families and Carers

Our team of experienced health and social care professionals are on hand to support you through the process.

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