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At ivolve Care and Support, co-production is at the heart of our organisational values and organisational drive. This means the people supported and their loved ones are consulted, included and work together at every stage of their journey.

Our Commitment to Co‑production

We thrive on working with the people we support to shape and create the best experiences together. Families, friends and carers play a hugely important role in people’s lives, so we involve them as much as possible in the care and support of their loved one.

The approach is value driven and built on the principle that those who use a service are best placed to help design it. We are passionate about working with people with a range of capabilities to ensure they can shape their own support and provide a platform to opportunities, connections, and innovation.

We Enable People To Shape Their Own Support

It’s our collective ambition to provide opportunities for people and their families to lead, shape and continually improve the service we provide. Creating opportunities, connections and innovation.

We aim to provide a platform for the voices of the people we support to be heard, and their skills to be seen.

ivolve’s co-production pledge promotes the key messages of:

“Nothing about me, without me”

“Who they want, when they want”

“’Making it Real’ I have a place I call home.”

Our All Stars

Our All Stars are a Co-Production group, made up of people we support and our colleagues.

Formed in 2021, the group was co-produced to give people the opportunity to have their voice heard and shape their care and support.

The All Stars provide opportunities to challenge the way we work and gain new skills. It’s been a privilege to see the people we support flourish and be part of changing how we do things to benefit everyone receiving care. The group has its own clear vision on transforming the way we work, and supporting and creating opportunities for people. This is built by sharing personal experiences in each session.

We’ve already achieved a lot! The team has co-produced their first newsletter, elected a chairperson with lived experience, met with our leaders to sign off the concept and built a budget to support the work stream. We’ve co-produced a satisfaction survey for 2022, explored the compatibility process for people moving in to ensure they have a voice and will run an annual talent show for people across the local community.

We’re so proud to see the people we support and our colleagues come together to work in a person-centred way. Everybody involved displays a real passion for making a difference.

“The team was able to create vibrant posters showing what it means to have a place to call home”

We’re Always Growing

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