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Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities are different for everybody. It may impact the person’s ability to understand tricky information, learn new skills or even the ability to look after themselves or live alone unsupported.

An Overview

If a person has a severe learning disability, it may affect their life in terms of how they communicate and their ability to live independently.

At ivolve, our trained colleagues provide personalised care with a focus on rehabilitation, empowerment and skills development. Ensuring everyone has the potential to enjoy life whatever the circumstance.

How can we help?

Our colleagues are highly trained and experienced. This experience allows us to support a range of complex needs. Our approach to care is innovative and fresh, allowing the people we support to enjoy life, whatever the circumstances.

The range of services allows for continuity of care as peoples’ needs change over time.

Our colleagues provide the right support according to each person’s needs over time. Our team work with the people we support to understand their clinical, emotional and behavioural needs.

We support people who often display behaviours thought to be too challenging or difficult for mainstream care facilities.

These people are now able to receive high quality care and support tailored to their needs. This means they can stay within their community – reducing hospital and secure facility admission.

Our teams provide a pathway of support so people can reduce or increase support, with a consistent staff team who understand their holistic and clinical needs.

What We Offer

Across our services, we offer a multidisciplinary team. This includes:

”The Cabin for Daniel is a safe place where he is free with fresh air and trees. He likes doing and making things, gardening, cutting the grass and using the wheelbarrow. Laurie also loves working with wood and has developed lots of skills.”

Mental Health

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Mental Health