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Read more about our fantastic 2023 colleague survey results and our commitment to colleague satisfaction!

At ivolve Care & Support, the air is filled with excitement as we read through the results of our 2023 colleague survey. As a provider of adult specialist care, we are proud to share the outstanding outcomes of a survey that reflects the collective enthusiasm, dedication, and positive impact of our colleague engagement programmes.

Our survey had an impressive participation rate – with over 70% of our 3,600 colleagues spanning across 310 services taking part!

Cultivating Continuous Improvement: The Heart of Success

One of the standout features of ivolve Care & Support’s recent achievements lies in our commitment to continual improvement. This has translated into substantial investments in tools, training, leadership development, and an unyielding emphasis on recognising and rewarding our colleagues’ efforts. This has contributed to positive transformations across all aspects of our organisation.

Our recent rebrand has been pivotal to making this happen, bringing all of our colleagues together under one name and a single company culture. This has become the driving force behind the improvements we’ve seen today.

Highlights from the Survey: A Glimpse into Colleague Satisfaction

The survey results speak volumes about the impact of our initiatives on our colleagues. Here are some key highlights:

  1. Enhanced Job Satisfaction: A fantastic 90% of our colleagues feel that their work has a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of others.
  2. Meaningful Work: 89% of colleagues feel like they’re engaged in work that is truly worthwhile
  3. Empowering Lives: An impressive 84% of colleagues acknowledged our commitment to promoting choice and empowerment among the people they support, ultimately enriching lives every day.

Empowering Employees: eNPS and Beyond

ivolve Care & Support’s Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is an exceptional 25, showcasing the loyalty, enthusiasm, and satisfaction of the workforce. An eNPS score exceeding 10 is deemed excellent, making ivolve’s score of 25 truly outstanding. This reflects the genuine bond between the organisation and its employees.

Tim Davies, the CEO of ivolve, expressed his delight in the survey results. He emphasised that the journey began with impressive results in 2022, which earned the organisation a WorkL Employee Voice – Best Workplace Silver Award. Over the past year, ivolve has redoubled its efforts in engaging its workforce through groundbreaking initiatives.

Empowerment and Support: A Holistic Approach

ivolve Care & Support goes above and beyond in supporting its colleagues through a wide range of benefits and perks, such as:

ivolve’s commitment to our colleagues and the people we support remains unwavering. This pledge is further reinforced by their ongoing investments across the organisation.

To find out more or to apply to join our friendly team, visit www.ivolve.jobs or email recruitment@ivolve.jobs today!

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