Services We Provide

Residential Care

Within our Residential Care settings, we deliver support through our proactive, person-centred approach, committed to nurturing flourishing lives.

Residential Services

Our belief in creating opportunities for active and fulfilling lifestyles through planned activities and tailored support lies at the heart of everything we do. This means our colleagues encourage the people we support to take part in a variety of enriching activities, promoting a sense of purpose and happiness.

We prioritise total communication, to make sure that people are empowered to make choices and decisions that affect their lives. Through detailed Action Plans, we address health inequalities and promote overall well-being, while our services are designed to inspire interaction and provide opportunities for involvement. We recognise the impact of trauma, and create safe, empowering environments that build on strengths and resilience.

Our Residential Services include a range of support, including assistance with daily living activities, medical care, therapeutic interventions, and social engagement. Our colleagues are trained to support a range of needs, such as mental health conditions, sensory impairments, behavioural challenges, communication difficulties, or mobility limitations. For those facing multiple challenges, we work closely together to create support plans built around their specific requirements.

Enhanced Residential

Our Enhanced Residential Services are designed for people that may need a higher intensity of support, with specialised staffing ratios and environments.

We work closely with specialist teams such as Positive Behaviour Support, Occupational Therapy, and Speech and Language Therapy to ensure comprehensive care. Our services extend to people transitioning from secure services or hospitals, offering step-down placements and short-term specialist support with a pathway towards greater independence.

Our colleagues provide specialised interventions, including speech and language therapy to address specific needs, occupational therapy to support complex sensory requirements, and positive behaviour support plans created with our behaviour practitioners. We also prioritise promoting positive mental health, through our partnerships with community nursing teams and psychiatry to ensure holistic care and support.

Success Stories

You can read about some of our wonderful case studies from our clients below.

Success Stories