Our Quality Framework

We go beyond expectations to provide a quality framework that supports our vision to be at the forefront of care and support. This helps us to drive innovations that enable to people we support to live lives full of choices and opportunities.

Quality is everyone’s responsibility, and we all play a part in creating experiences every day. Everyone is empowered to challenge anything they wouldn’t accept for themselves or a loved one – the standard we walk past is the standard we are willing to accept.

Our quality ethos is being consistent and reliable. Together we deliver quality outcomes for the people we support. We equip our colleagues – working shoulder to shoulder with them.

Find out more about our Quality Framework:

  • Choices

    I’m in control of my life, making choices with confidence

  • Health

    I have good health and wellbeing

  • Home

    I have a real home, not just a bed or a care provider

  • Money

    I have the right support services and money to be independent

  • Opportunities

    I enjoy opportunities to live a safe and flourishing life

  • Relationships

    I I enjoy relationships with friends, family and loved ones

  • Safety

    I feel safe and secure at home and in the community

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