Creating support for each person

In the world of specialist adult care, there's a lot more than just following routines. It's about understanding people's needs and finding creative solutions to support them to live a life filled with opportunity. We wanted to share a story about our colleague, Olu, who stands out for his ability to do just that, making him a real gem on the team.

Olu’s time at ivolve is full of moments where he’s shown his knack for thinking on his feet and his deep care for the people we support. Let’s look at two examples that really highlight Olu’s skills.

Quick Thinking: Imagine it’s late at night, and Olu realises that something crucial for one of the people we support is missing – their calendar. This calendar is very important for the person, it’s part of their daily routine.

Olu knows how important it is, so he doesn’t waste any time. Even though he can’t reach the person’s parents to get it back, Olu doesn’t panic. Instead, he gets creative and makes a makeshift calendar right there. It might seem small, but it made a huge difference to the person’s day and to their wellbeing.

Staying Cool Under Pressure: Another time, Olu is working in one of our other services. It’s late, and he’s the only one there during the night. One of the people we support needs their clothes ironed as part of their routine. But, uh-oh, the iron breaks! This might cause a lot of stress for the person. Instead of freaking out, Olu keeps his cool. He reassures the person and keeps ironing their clothes with the broken iron, all while making sure everything seems normal. It’s a small thing, but it shows Joseph’s ability to handle tough situations with grace.

What makes Olu special isn’t just his actions, but also his attitude. He doesn’t do these things for recognition; he genuinely cares about the people we support. Even though he’s a superstar, he doesn’t brag about it, he’s just focused on making a positive difference in their lives.

In the world of specialist adult care, people like Olu make all the difference. They’re not just following routines; they’re finding creative ways to make sure people are supported. Olu’s dedication to positive support helps us to create a high standard of support.

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