A day in the life of a Support Worker

By David Kitching After a break from work, be that three days off between shifts, or even just the two days, it's not like any other job that I've had in my life. I'm always looking forward to going back to work. It's so good to know that there are people that I have built a rapport with that are looking forward to seeing me.

There’s no dragging of feet, no reluctance to face the day ahead. Instead, there’s a genuine anticipation to reconnect with the individuals we support. In the morning, as I prepare for work, there’s a real sense of excitement knowing I’ll soon be with the people we support and my colleagues. It’s a day brimming with potential for laughter and joy, and I approach it with a positive outlook.

Arriving at work, seeing the smiles on the faces of the people we support, and hearing their warm greetings is a moment filled with joy. Their eagerness to have you back sets a delightful tone for the day, igniting a sense of anticipation for what lies ahead. When I find out who I’m assigned to for the day, and they express excitement about our activities, it’s rewarding. Offering them the freedom to choose their own agenda and activies empowers them and encourages their engagement.

We start the day by supporting with personal care, turning what could be a routine task into a meaningful activity. Supporting their independence, we guide them through each step , turning mundane tasks like bathing and dressing into enjoyable moments.

Moving to breakfast, I take on the role of chef, inviting people to select from a menu of options or suggesting choices based on the things they like. Some people we support may prefer to defer to my choice, while others stick to their usual routine. Regardless, it’s an opportunity to make the experience enjoyable and homely, sharing the meal together and discussing plans for the day ahead.

After breakfast, we tidy up together, emphasising teamwork and cooperation. Completing household chores becomes less of a chore and more of a collaborative effort, ensuring we can enjoy the activities together. Heading out for activities like a movie at the local theatre is a highlight, witnessing people’s excitement as they make choices and savour the experience.

Returning home, whether for dinner or to extend their time out, we constantly think about their preferences, always prioritising their independence. As the day winds down, we reflect on our experiences, discussing what went well and what could be improved, enriching our understanding of each other.

As I bid farewell at the end of the day, I do so with a sense of fulfilment, knowing I’ve made a positive impact on someone’s life. Working with the people we support isn’t just a job; it’s a privilege. Every day brings new lessons and opportunities to make a meaningful difference. It’s no longer about chasing a pay cheque; it’s about enriching lives and forging meaningful connections.

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