My experience of starting at ivolve

By Wendy Sadler

I joined ivolve in February, after being offered the role of Registered Manager of a brand new service. There are a lot of care companies out there and before making any move into a new service – a common question that is asked is ‘what is it like?’ – and what people usually mean by that is ‘ what is it really like? Will I be valued? Will I feel part of a team?’. I am hoping my experience will entice you to join this rather exciting company.

My journey started one cold Decembers evening as I was huddled up under the duvet scrolling through job adds to see what popped up and the role of managing a brand new service caught my attention. So I explored ivolve a bit more and found many positive reviews – which is always a promising start.

The first things that I found helpful in the application process was that I did not have to go through piles of paperwork to apply. I found the process really simple and easy.

The response to my application was quick and my first contact was a phone call from the recruitment team to talk me through the role and what ivolve could offer. This was followed by another phone call from one of the Directors. This personal touch did make me sit up and take notice. Here were two people who were interested in talking to me  and I began to feel excited about the prospect of working at ivolve!

I did a lot of preparation for my interview not knowing what to expect. What was pleasantly surprising is that there were no trick questions and I was made to feel really at ease – which helped with the interview nerves.

I was overjoyed to be successful in my interview and while I was waiting to start my manager kept in frequent contact with me – answering my numerous questions that came up.

Starting with ivolve meant completing the standard induction process that comprises of on-line mandatory training – some face to face training – and meeting other colleagues. Although induction training can be tedious at times – I found this training engaging and found myself really enjoying it.

I’ve been with ivolve for a few months now and I can honestly say I have never worked in a company before that has made me feel so welcome and valued and I feel truly blessed to be here. Every day is exciting to me and I absolutely love the work I do! Being able to make a difference to someone’s life isn’t just job – it is a privilege and an honour and something I am very proud of being able to do.

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