Celebrating independence: Mike’s story

Max helped to regain his confidence, learn new life skills and get his life back on track after a nervous breakdown.

Before moving to the ivolve service, I was living with my parents and I had just had a nervous breakdown. The colleagues at ivolve helped me to get my life together and get myself going after many negative years.

The colleagues helped me to do things I wasn’t able to do by myself before such as cooking, shopping and cleaning. Overall the colleagues helped me get to where I wanted to be, helped me to work things out and made me feel safe.

I was at the shared service for 4 years before I moved to my own flat. Initially I was very nervous about moving into my own flat, but what was most helpful was the fact it was also an ivolve service, so I knew, and was able to meet all of the colleagues before I moved.

I am a lot more independent now I am here and I feel able to live my own life in my own flat. Plus, there’s a lot less nagging from colleagues! 🙂

My favourite thing about ivolve was how it helped me to get my life together, and after years of trying to find a purpose in my life I now feel a lot more hopeful because of my time here.

I am now at college studying arts, drawing in my own time and writing stories. My plan for the future is to get into writing for Comic Books.

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