Max’s Story

Max helped to regain his confidence, learn new life skills and get his life back on track after a nervous breakdown.

Before moving to Hill End I was living with my parents and I had just had a nervous breakdown. The colleagues at End Hill helped me to get my life together and get myself going after many negative years.

The team at Hill End helped me to do things I wasn’t able to do by myself before such as cooking, shopping and cleaning. Overall the colleagues helped me get to where I wanted to be, helped me to work things out and made me feel safe.

I was at Hill End for 4 years before I moved here to Walnut in my own flat. Initially I was very nervous about moving into my own flat, but what was most helpful was the fact it was also an ivolve service, so I knew, and was able to meet all of the staff before I moved.

I am a lot more independent now I am here and I feel able to live my own life in my own flat. Plus, there’s a lot less nagging from colleagues!

My favourite thing about ivolve was how it helped me to get my life together, and after years of trying to find a purpose in my life I now feel a lot more hopeful because of my time here.

I am now at college studying arts, drawing in my own time and writing stories. My plan for the future is to get into writing for Comic Books.

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