Services We Provide

Supported Living

Our supported living services provide 24/7 support for adults with a range of needs and different levels of care and support. Supported living helps us to provide an a different option to residential care.

Supported Living Overview

The people we support benefit from programmes that focus on building independence in various aspects of their lives with the view of positive move-on into lesser supported environments.

Supported living services are available either within individual services or within multi–person schemes. Our teams can also develop bespoke services and flat schemes, working with housing providers and Registered Social Landlords to develop properties.

  • We offer packages of support tailored to the individual, from a couple of hours a week to support provided 24 hours a day.
  • Support is provided within the home setting or in the community. This covers support for personal care.
  • We create a plan with the people we support to make sure we consider preferences and aspirations – ensuring people live their lives to their full potential.
  • This approach helps the people we support to have more freedom, choice and control over the type of care and support they receive.

Enhanced Supported Living

Our enhanced supported living services provide support to people who have had long psychiatric stays, may be institutionalised and require a significant level of daily care.

These services can support clients who may have a history of offending and significantly higher risks than clients that may reside in a typical supported living setting. As such, the living environments in these services are designed to allow for Court of Protection approved DoLS orders to be safely and effectively implemented where appropriate.

Technology & Innovation

We use a range of technology solutions and look to improve environments promoting these for people in their supported living services.

This enhances direct support and often a reduction in support as independence is gained.

Some of our environmental and assistive technology solutions include:

Assistive Technology:

  • Electronic fobs for ease of movement and increased safety.
  • Personalised assistive technology – sensor mats, epilepsy monitoring; motions sensors and staff alert systems.
  • Use of simple technologies – Alexa and electronic communication via iPads or tablets and Apps.


  • Hobs or heated appliances activated by external sources ie. Halogen hobs.
  • Bespoke solutions for robust fixtures and fittings.
  • Integral blinds in windows.
  • Sensory and mood lighting.
  • Consideration to types of floor finishing.

Families & Carers

We work closely with families and carers to ensure our package of care is tailored around each individual’s needs.

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