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Supported Living

At ivolve, we provide Supported Living services to help people build their independence and prepare for more independent living environments.

Our services include both individual and multi-person schemes, and we can also create bespoke solutions in collaboration with housing providers and Registered Social Landlords.

We use a range of technology solutions and look to improve environments promoting these for people in their supported living services.

We collaborate with developers and Registered Housing Providers to offer various housing options, including new developments, shared housing, and individual flats. We involve people and their families in the design process to ensure we find the right solution for everyone.

  • Transition Plan: Developed with the person, family, and social worker to ensure a smooth move.
  • Person-Centred Support Plans: Outcome-based plans crafted with the person’s strengths, goals, and preferences in mind, promoting safety and independence.

Who Benefits from Supported Living?

Supported living schemes provide personal care and support, allowing people to live in their own homes. This environment is ideal for adults seeking to live independently with assistance, offering choices on their living arrangements, support preferences and daily activities and autonomy.

We often get asked to describe the difference between Supported Living and Redidential homes. Our handy list should help you to understand the key points.

Supported Living

  • Living Arrangements: Personal tenancies, more control over daily life.
  • Support: Flexible, personalised support promoting independence.
  • Choice and Control: Greater autonomy over care arrangements.
  • Independence: Focus on maintaining high levels of independence.
  • Funding: Personal budgets, direct payments, or housing benefits.

Residential Home

  • Living Arrangements: Shared accommodation, less control over daily life.
  • Support: Comprehensive support including personal care and medical assistance.
  • Choice and Control: Adheres to the Mental Capacity Act, potential restrictions under DoLS.
  • Independence: Structured approach, lower initial independence levels.
  • Funding: Combination of personal contributions, local authority funding, and healthcare funding.

We use a range of technology solutions and look to improve environments promoting these for people in their supported living services.

At ivolve, we integrate technology to enhance support and promote independence:

  • Assistive Technology: Electronic fobs, sensor mats, epilepsy monitoring, motion sensors, and staff alert systems.
  • Environmental Solutions: Halogen hobs, robust fixtures, integral blinds, sensory and mood lighting, specialized flooring.

We developed our industry leading Quality Framework in line with the CQC Inspection Model to emphasise safety, dignity, and independence. We have a three-tier quality assurance system ensuring clear responsibilities and effective management of quality performance and risk.

Our innovative Strive Model of support focuses on proactive, dynamic, and person-centred support, promoting active and positive experiences. Benefits include reduced stress, fewer restraints, increased positivity, and more stable placements.

Your Journey with ivolve

What can you expect when you’re looking for a placement at ivolve?

Review of referral information and search for a suitable service.
Sharing of referral information with the Compatibility Assessor and Registered Manager.
Meeting with the person, care team, and family to discuss needs and preferences.
A visit, if suitable, to the potential new home will be arranged.
Transition plan development and setting a move-in date..

Our personalised support is tailored to each person’s unique needs, offering anything from a few hours per week to 24-hour care.

Home and Community Support
We offer support with personal care, whether at home or within the community.

Personalised Plans
Our plans are developed based on each person’s preferences and aspirations, ensuring everyone reaches their full potential.

Freedom and Control
We empower people to have more choice over their care and support.

Our Services
Our enhanced supported living model is perfect for those transitioning from hospital or residential care, preferring to live alone, or enhancing their independent living skills after home or college care.

Quality Support
Our well-trained colleagues provide support in a minimally restrictive environment, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness through investments in rota planning and workforce management. Our staff are trained to work across services, maintaining consistency in care.

Accommodation Features

  • Newly refurbished flats with a kitchen, living space, bedroom, and bathroom.
  • Ground floor, level access accommodation for those with mobility difficulties.
  • Personal tenancies with support for bill payments and tenancy maintenance.
  • Community access support and in-house activities.
  • Local health facility access and health action plan support.
  • Internal PBS team offering person-centred support.
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Families & Carers

We work closely with families and carers to ensure our package of care is tailored around each person’s needs.

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