Supporting You

For Families and Carers

Choosing the right support and service for your loved one can be one of the most difficult decisions you will make.

Our team of experienced colleagues are on hand to help guide you through the process.

Family and Carers Roles

We build and nourish relationships with the people we support, their families and friends. Families and carers play a hugely important role in their lives.

Many of the people we support spend much of their lives moving around services, and we recognise that you may be the only constants in their lives.

We’re also aware that you have probably navigated the Health and Social care system over the years before arriving in one of our care settings.

That’s why, in line with our client’s wishes and what is appropriate for them, we take the time to work together. It’s our aim to involve you as much as possible in their ongoing care and support.

What’s more, our passionate, kind and resilient colleagues are on hand to help if you need to talk about personal issues or if you need guidance or information specific to their care and support.

How We Can Help

We work collaboratively and creatively so people can find their place and choose their future. Our person-centred approach to care enables us to deliver choice at every stage. Where possible, we work closely with the family and carers of the people we support to ensure our care plans are tailored around their needs.

Variety Of Housing Options

We offer a variety of housing options to create homes that reflect each person’s ambition including new developments, shared housing and individual flats. People we support and their families are included in design ideas, are also able to look at plans and visit during the creative stages. We will always involve you in finding a home that’s right for you.

Families and carers play a hugely important role in the lives of the people we support. Our teams will work closely with you to find the option that’s right for you.

Find Out More

We’ve produced a handy guide for you to help you find out more about how we work with you.

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